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Tactical Baton – TN carry certification
4 sessions, 6 hours/2 weeks – Begins Sept.27 Tues and Thurs, 7pm – 8:30pm, $300
* Practice weapons will be provided for the training session only.

This self-defense tool provides you with an option to carrying a handgun. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket but extends to 21″ to give you reach advantage over an attacker. Although not considered a lethal weapon when used within the scope of it’s design, it can certainly be used to deal with all levels of threat. Discussion will include the legal implications in the use of this weapon.

Class size is very limited and sells out quickly. Make plans now and sign up to reserve your spot!!

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Safe Handgunning Under Stress
Saturday Oct. 8, 8am – 4:30pm, (1/2 hr lunch) 8 hours $300

You’ve been attacked, slammed to the ground by your hair the attacker trying to stomp your head…how do you recover, create distance, get your handgun in play and get shot placement on the attacker(s) without shooting yourself or an unintended bystander?

Learn safe hand-gunning in a hands-on, physically active, “no-live-ammo” classroom setting. Explore hand gunning mechanics from “on foot” and “grounded” positions. You know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of so we’ll specifically focus on the proper grip, “no-sights” weapon alignment, mental attitude under stress, muzzle and crossfire drills, on/off trigger awareness, gun retention/defense, target acquisition /effects and legal implications.

This class is for learning the practical use of the weapon and a must for everyone carrying a handgun!! Class sells out quickly so make plans now and sign up to reserve your spot!! No experience necessary.

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